The Original Anti-Sugar Lady Nancy Appleton PhD

OK back to the story. Sorry for the delay.

After reading Sugar Blues and knowing a
little bit about addiction a few light bulbs
started going off in my head. But I still
couldn’t just quit.

I would wake up every morning and say
“this is the day.” But I would go to bed
every night saying “tomorrow will be the day.”

The day I quit sugar that is..

I knew it was making me feel tired and lethargic
and that when I didn’t have it I got irritable and
had head aches.

While Mr Duffy was a great author and it was
cool he was married to Gloria Swanson and
she hated sugar too, Sugar Blues was a little light on
the practical realities of quitting in a sugar coated
world. He had also passed on at that point too.

So I was never going to get to talk with him.
Which made me feel more alone. Was I the only
one that could see this?

I must say though his account of the history of
the sugar trade was incredible.

Then in 1988 Nancy Appleton published “Lick the
Sugar Habit” which to me, at the time, was a
sorely needed life line. Here was a modern PhD
who was confirming a lot of what I was feeling.

Lick the Sugar Habit

Timing wise that book helped me a lot. While I had
already quit sugar by this point I still “cheated”
once in while and I was still using flour pretty heavily.

After that book however I was able to stop sugar completely.

While it is a little short on actually “how” to quit, the
actual steps, it has huge “scare you” power. She more
recently came out with the “141 Reasons Sugar Ruins
Your Health” – I just love that list!

Here it is for you but come back to the story:

Nancy has just recently published two new books

Suicide By Sugar: A Startling Look at Our #1 National Addiction


Killer Colas: The Hard Truth about Soft Drinks

Both of which I would recommend.

Stay tuned for out next installment: “The Modern
Heros of the Sugar Recovery Movement” It will be
a long one..

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Be well,

Powers Collins
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